The Habitots are a diverse group of creatures, each hailing from a different natural habitat on the planet. Each of the 12 tribes possess unique abilities and characteristics that reflect the environment they come from.

The Story

For many years, the Habitots lived in peace, content in their own habitats and unaware of the existence of the other tribes. However, all that changed when the forces of mankind began to encroach on their lands. Logging companies clear-cut the rainforests, oil rigs were built in the desert, and fishing boats trawled the Arctic waters. The Habitots soon realized that they would have to come together if they were to survive.

In order to overcome their mysterious foe and restore their homes to their former beauty, the Habitots must join forces, rise, share their knowledge and skills to fight against the forces of mankind.  Though they will face many challenges, the Habitots are determined to save the planet and their homes from destruction, and preserve it for future generations of Habitots - the guardians of the earth.

The Tribes

Sky Saviours

The fluffy cloud jelly tot tribe, the “Sky Saviours”,  live high up in the sky, floating and basking in the warm sunlight. They are a peaceful and carefree people, spending their days playing and enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

However, a dark threat began to loom on the horizon. The Sky Saviours along with the other Habitots, knew they had to stand up and fight back against this looming threat. They banded together, using their unique abilities and the strength of their unity to protect their home and preserve the balance of the very planet that they called home.


Wooden Warriors

The Wooden Warriors have forever been known as the Habitot tribe who live among the trees. They are known for their craftsmanship, creating beautiful wooden structures and sculptures that are admired by Habitots everywhere. However, a mysterious entity began to wreak havoc on the planet, causing destruction and chaos wherever it went. Threatening the very places that they called home.

Determined to protect the natural world that they loved, the Wooden Warriors swore to do everything in their power to stop this destructive force. With the help of all the planet’s protectors, they vowed to stand guard and defend the earth from this mysterious threat.

Rainforest Sentinels

The Rainforest Sentinels are a timid and peaceful tribe, living deep within the lush, green rainforests. They are known for their shy and reserved nature, rarely venturing beyond the safety of their own territory. However, when a mysterious being began to create disruption and chaos on the planet, the rainforest jelly tots knew they had to do something. 

Despite their fear, they joined forces with the other Habitots, determined to protect the natural world that they called home. With the help of their allies, they summoned the courage to stand up to the mysterious threat and defend the earth from harm. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, united in their mission to preserve the balance of nature.


Ocean Defenders

The Ocean Defenders have lived in the depths of the sea for as long as anyone could remember. They are a peaceful and harmonious people, living in harmony with all the other species of the ocean.

One day, a mysterious being began to threaten the balance of nature. It seemed to possess a power that could bend the very elements to its will, causing destruction and turmoil wherever it went. The Habitots knew they had to act fast to protect their home and the natural world. They reached out to the other tribes of the planet, and together, they united to stand against the mysterious being and its destructive ways.

Underground Protectors

Deep beneath the surface of the earth, there lives a tribe of brown jelly tots known as the "Underground Protectors." These Habitots live in a vast network of underground caves and tunnels, hidden from the rest of the world. They are a peaceful and reclusive people, content to live in harmony with the earth.

One day, however, an unidentified being began to threaten the balance of nature on the surface. The Underground Protectors knew they had to do something to protect the earth and all of its inhabitants. So, they emerged from their underground home and joined forces with other Habitot Tribes in a united effort to stop the mysterious foe. The Underground Protectors were determined to defend their home and the earth at all cost.


Coral Guardians

In the depths of the coral reefs, there lives a tribe of pink jelly tots who call themselves the "Coral Guardians." These jelly tots are fiercely devoted to protecting the ocean and all of its inhabitants from harm.

One day while playing around the reefs, the Coral Guardians began to notice a looming darkness wash through the waters. Something wasn’t right… The Coral Guardians knew they had to act fast to save their home. They banded together with the other Habitots and used their collective strength and intelligence to fight back against this mysterious foe. The battle to save nature as they know it was soon to begin.

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NFT Collection

The Habitots NFT collection comprises of 1000 individual AI generated artworks across 12 unique tribes.  Rarity is based upon tribe numbers.

Join the Habitots in their fight. Save nature.